CYNTHILAB is an argentine company that manufactures two main lines: animal Repelents, and veterinary Cosmetics.

Twenty four years ago, Cynthilab launched into the market the first Cat an Dog Repelent Brand "...A OTRA PARTE" (BEAT IT!!). At the moment it is offered in its varieties "Concentrated", "Granulated", "Direct Application" and "Gel".

Then the repelent line was enlarged with the development of a new product: the Pigeon an Bat Liquid Repelent named "A VOLAR" (TO FLY!!). This product is being used by different enterprises for fighting the trouble that birds and bats produce when they perch or rest on non desired places. E.g.: Factories - Warehouses - Depots - Airports - Buildings - Houses - etc.
Both repelent products have high effectiveness and lasting efect, and they are to improve the relationship between people and these animals.

At these very moment we have launched a new line on:

· Bird and pigeon Repelent to be used on grass, ornamental plants and trees.

· Rodent and harmful Animal Repelent, such as rats, mouses, rabbits and general rodents, otters, fox and other destructive animals.


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